“Andre !” The 20” x 26” chalk pastel drawing of Andre Iguodala is the 7th player to be immortalized in the YaniMade canon, and 6th in the series of Golden State Warriors stars. Andre Iguodala is a founding member of the current Warriors dynasty run, an “early adopter” free agent to recognize the appeal of signing with the up and coming Warriors franchise under new ownership, and their potential with the young draft picks of Curry, Klay and Draymond in the previous several years. Mr. Iguodala has been the “Lebron stopper,” a versatile glue guy in coach Kerr’s movement heavy system, a steadying veteran presence, and overall critical piece to the championship teams. With a skill, athleticism and intelligence rarely seen in non-starters, he’s been long over-due for a drawing and wearable print. I wanted to celebrate his 6+ years with the Warriors, his achievements, his likable personality, refreshing honesty, by creating a second artwork in pastel for the backside of the shirt. The front mimics cartoon thought bubbles as he comes up court in transition, and the back is a combination of Warriors cultural references and Andre’s personal achievements while in Golden State. Graphically, I was inspired by the fonts on the “Some Girls” album cover by the Rolling Stones, so I pieced together letters not found there, staying true to the fonts for “Strip Master,” “Hamptons Five,” “NBA Finals,” “Corner 3,” “FA,” “Warrior,” while adding other fonts not found on the album art. “Andre !” is rendered in the Warriors logo font. The pastel background was a combination of the 297 and 299 yellow Sennelier pastel sticks blended to create the ideal Warriors gold, without going into the orange range. The limited edition wearable prints and fine art prints will be exclusively available in the Oracle Arena courtside clubs during Warriors home games once production is complete.