As a 35 year old raised in Berkeley, California, I grew up a big A's, Warriors and 49ers fan.  I first became attached to the Warriors listening to Greg Papa call the '91-'92 Warriors season on the radio, while shooting nerf baskets in my room emulating the play by play.  After the Webber debacle, there was brief excitement with Sprewell until a few years later......well, we all know what happened after that.  In 4th grade, I even had my dad give me the haircut of my favorite player, hall of famer, Chris Mullin.

I drew a lot as a young child, off and on throughout elementary, middle and high school, with pencil sketches of players like Steve Young, Frank Thomas, Greg Maddux, or in high school, pencil drawings of the likes of Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, Miguel Tejada, Jason Giambi and Eric Chavez.  I always had the interest in making what I was putting on the paper look as real as possible, capturing the life-like quality I experienced at games or saw on the card photos I grew up collecting. Thus was the challenge, my eye always saw more than my hand could do. I became an art student at UC Santa Cruz, developing my graphite-centric work into oil paintings and pastels, a body of work of the Oakland A's players in color. 

After spending my 20's in Corporate America, I left in search of finding something that was me. The intuitive, sudden, creative spark for YaniMade came in May, 2015 during the Warriors playoff run, while drawing "Curry In Your Kitchen." I envisioned the drawing as a shirt. Several months later after researching printing methods and trial and error with different companies, in September 2015, the "Curry In Your Kitchen" tee was released and the apparel brand born.  

YaniMade is an innovative player themed apparel brand, drawing inspiration from the evolving sports landscape, merging art and fashion sensibilities, with high quality sublimation printing. It's a series of limited edition wearable prints of color pencil drawings by Yani Teichner.  YaniMade brings attention to detail, aesthetics and beauty to fabric, in an era of mass produced team and fan gear.  It documents and celebrates iconic pro athletes that have moved the needle in their respective fanbases, both in sport and popular culture.  Made in the USA.

-Yani Teichner